Meet Michael

About Us

Michael founded Helium Video using his experience in video production and online marketing to create a video marketing approach. This new “Helium” method of video distribution allowed businesses to outperform traditional websites by appearing higher in search engine results and get higher user conversions.

01. Mission

Helium Video wants to make sure your business will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace by tapping into the rapidly growing market of video-on-demand and content marketing. The demand for an online presence is growing every day, and we strive to produce video content that advances your brand and grows your business.

02. Method

We work closely with you to tailor a digital marketing strategy that includes a made-to-order online video and social media plan that increases awareness of your company — and gets your message out there. Helium produces eye-catching videos that are informative, engaging, and essential to building a lasting relationship with your clients.

03. Vision

By harnessing the power of video’s accessible nature, your brand becomes more accessible to everyone, and for that reason, Helium Video’s core culture is rooted in teamwork and innovation. We believe it is important to evolve with the marketplace. We use proven techniques and new media to develop comprehensive online marketing strategies.

Helium Video